Ever considered making your own jewelry, but didn't really know any techniques or even where to start? Well, here's some good news for you! We've got pro tips from our craftsmen that anyone can do.

First, you have to know, there are two types of jewelry: mass produced, and custom (handmade). In either type there are standard manufacturing instructions, these instructions should be as detailed as possible to create ideal replicas when required. The process starts with a craftsman making a prototype piece, the ring must then be judged from a beauty and sales standpoint. After an assessment is made, manufacturing can begin. After this point does the process change drastically for these two types.

making your own jewelry - that ring shop

Mass produced Jewelry Making

making your own jewelry - that ring shop

Jewelry prices have drastically declined around the world as the instructions for jewelry making improves. In Houston, you can find stores where there are literally hundreds of the same items of jewelry in a given stand on the wall.

These items are usually made of a common material such as Chrome-based metals with rhinestones, or other stones set by a machine. They are quicker and cheaper to make. These would require the help of programmers and are usually made in factories.

Handmade Jewelry

Now comes the other method of making jewelry, custom jewelry, handmade jewelry, whatever you may call it. Craftsmen have taken days to create these pieces of art by hand.

First, you need jewelry making techniques. We don't know what you'd like to make, but this can be easily solved by searching jewelry making techniques on Google. If you want something like, Native American Jewelry, then search for those jewelry techniques. You'd most probably be flooded with loads of reading material. At the same time, you can watch YouTube videos of people making such jewelry and note down their steps.

Next step, materials. Try to get materials recommended for novices, there's no rush to this. Essentially you're following the footsteps of people who are already making jewelry, not too long ago I was in your shoes.

Pilot Cigar Ring

Flower in the Rain Ring

 Mother of Pearl Dragonfly Ring

Jewelry making is incredibly fun and fulfilling. Follow the steps of pros, and by learning their jewelry making techniques, you will be able to make better and better jewelry. Remember, photography is encouraged. Nobody is perfect, we can't recall every mistake we did. But we can document our process, realize our errors, and try again. One day, you will be approached by someone wondering where you acquired such beautiful jewelry. That day is not far from now.

That is the day you know you can start your own business, making home-made jewelry. You could sell them on an online site, Etsy, eBay, ThatRingShop. We would gladly make your ring collection a part of our site. But whichever site you go to, make sure it is reputable.

Ending statement from our craftsman.

Everything takes time, getting good is a slow and painful process. Take pride in your jewelry. If it was easy to make, everyone would be doing it. Keep fighting.



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