The aftermath of the Mexican Revolution devalued the Peso to being almost worthless. Mexican blacksmiths decided to melt down the metal coins to make objects of higher value. In this case, which sparked a whole revolutionary trend was what has come to be known as ‘Biker Rings’.

These rings were first discovered by American motorcycle clubs in the 1940s, they were a much sort after product due to the ban on brass knuckles. Making these rings the legal replacements for brass knuckles, thus the name ‘Mexican Biker Ring’ from it’s creation in Mexico and the biker enthusiasm.

A majority of us still have that image that these ring are worn by large men, with enormous hands. Obviously that’s because of when they were in trend in the 40s amongst Biker clubs, and others who had occasional events of fisticuffs. But due to the beauty and stunning art work, these rings have spread throughout the world and have joined the world of collectors. One such aficionado was the king of rock and roll himself, Elvis Presley.

In the past biker rings were simple pieces, indian chieftain heads, horseshoes (Elvis’s famous ring), skulls, crossbones, anchors. They were made of brass, some were made of silver. Nowadays these fantastic rings are the works of skilled artisans. Craftsmen who’ve spent hours transforming metal into a ring, and years sculpting the skill to turn those rings into the intricate works of art which sit proudly on your fingers.

Though many may say you require large hands for these beauties, that is not really the case. The fact is, it takes a rather long time to get used to these bulky rings. Just like signet rings with their wide bands, biker rings too have that same feel with a bit more weight to them.

Though our rings are not made from Mexican coins, That Ring Shop itself is revolutionary in Biker Rings. From steel to silver, a collection of Biker Rings that is authentic yet innovative. Some said they were made in the deepest pit of hell and some are by revered Elves, others were just made by that puta next door.





  • Ruby

    I have a ring that has a dagger through the heart,wings on each side, with the word “faith” on a banner, can anyone tell me what it means ?

    Jack Henry
    Jack Henry

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