Tanzanites are the blue version of the mineral Zoisite, it's only found in Tanzania. It is rarer than diamonds, and surprisingly still more affordable. Though the price is steadily increasing.

Why do people like Tanzanite? Well, it ranges from a purple-ish sky blue to a deep blue color, rich Sapphire-like color. People love the deep blue of Sapphires, and while Sapphires cost several times the price of a Tanzanite. The more affordable choice would obviously be Tanzanite.

Though these gorgeous crystals weren't always a beautiful deep blue. Nope...



The blue comes from heating treatment, Tanzanites are initially a rusty, reddish-brown sort of stone. But after heating, they turn into these magnificent blue gems!

So why do people still buy Sapphires if Tanzanite is a fraction of the cost, with the same look of a Sapphire?

Sapphire vs Tanzanite:

When it comes down the hardness, Sapphires are a 9. While Tanzanites are a 7. So you'd have to be a bit cautious of it, not that it'd shatter like glass. Just not as scratch resistant.

Due to its low scratch resistance, it should never be worn while gardening or cleaning. If you're one to lose/forget your ring... This is definitely not the best engagement/wedding ring for you.


These magnificent blue gems were made the birthstone for December in the year 2002. That's the first change to birthstones in over 80 years!

So picking up from the birthstones, the more spiritual meaning and representation of Tanzanite, it's a gem that imbues wearers with the truth and knowledge.

Now! Picking your metal, what type of metal do you choose to go with your beautiful little rock. Platinum is always the best choice. It's color works really well with the Tanzanite.

A less expensive metal would be Palladium, gold, or even silver. Though silver may look good with Tanzanite, it wouldn't be a good choice. Tanzanite needs a sturdy metal to protect it throughout the years.

Last, but not least, remember always to get your gems certified.

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