Italian designs are considered to be the best in many consumer markets including fashion, jewelry, decors, and furniture. We know so because major department stores are advertising Italian fashions and jewelry as luxurious products. What are the real reasons behind all these appreciation and adoration?

When we think of the biggest movie industry in the world, we probably would think of Hollywood. For information technology leader in the world, the icon would be the Silicon Valley in California. The same factors behind these two successes apply to the success of Italian products, which is the resource available to the industry in the country provided by the people and the government. United States government funded many research projects in the top engineering schools such as U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, and M.I.T. The availability of financial resources cultivates the possibilities of implementing and experimenting with new ideas, some of which turned out to be significant breakthroughs in human history.

In Italy, the system for the education of creative design work is very established. Renowned design schools include LíAtelier and Fashion Design Academy in Firenze. In fact, the city of Firenze is known for the fashion and jewelry design it produces. Italy is the same place where the famed chief designer of Tiffany & Co. Edward C. Moore came from. The combination of governmental support and the enthusiasms of the general public in that area enable the design industries to thrive and become the leader of fashion and jewelry of the world.

The consequence of the initial success of Italy fashion is more attention, as well as competition. Granted, talented people around the world would like to study in Italy if they want to develop a career in the fashion or jewelry industry. On the other hand, the competition among the designer became more severe. As a result, the designers would have to put out their best to set themselves apart from their fellow designers. Only in this kind of competitive environment can the best quality products be produced.

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Another reason that Italian products are considered as high class and luxurious goods is that Italian artist or designers never compromise the quality of their work to lower the price of the products. From the leather of shoes, fabrics of clothes, and wood for furniture, they always use the best quality of raw material they can find. The consistency and high level of craftsmanship combined with the best material build up the confidence of consumers over the last couple of centuries.

For those who know the Italian lifestyle, they probably agree that Italians, in general, have a passion for life. They enjoy life and take from the world the best. This trait passes on from generation to generation. Not only in fashion and jewelry can we see the manifestation of it, but we can also witness that in art, music and theater performance. I guess when you do what you really enjoy, that's when you give the best results.

In a nutshell, the quality and designs of Italian designer jewelry is substantiated by a combination of resources, culture and life style of Italians and the tradition of excellence. No wonder the whole world is following Italy's lead when it comes to fashion and jewelry.

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